Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The newest survey published by CNS OBOP -

TNS OBOP published a newest survey, which asks what do Poles think about Jews. These are the results of the survey.

Most of the people gain their knowledge about the Jews from TV, radio and movies – 65,5%, and surprisingly only 1,4% mentioned internet. The next biggest sources are hardcopy media like newspapers and books – 36,7%. Followed by that is school – 25,8%, discussions among family members – 23,5%, and among friends – 19,6%.

Only few people learn about the Jews on religion class or in the church – 5,2%, and a little more learn about them from personal contacts with Jews-4,7%. Only 4,8% doesn’t know anything about the Jews.

Asked who has suffered more during WWII, the survey showed, that younger people claim that Jews suffered more than Poles, whereas the older the polled were, the more people claimed that the suffering was equal or Poles suffered more. In the age group 15-19 only 6,4% claimed bigger Polish suffering, whereas in the group of 20-29 and 50-59 the rate was the highest – each had 20% supporters of this claim.

46,7% of the polled think the Poles do not like Jews. However 38,6% think the opposite.

Those 46,7% are mainly men, 20-39 year old, living in big cities, politically conscious and describing their political views as centro-left or centro-right.
Those who don’t think that Poles do not like Jews are mainly women, 15-19 or 50 or more year old, living in medium or small cities, declaring total lack of interest in politics, describing their views as right-wing.

Let me just say that these results show how the people in big cities like Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Poznan wish to see themselves as cosmopolitan and tolerant and defying the countryside and small towns as inferior and prejudiced. That means, when they say that Poles don’t like Jews, they think about the countryside and its devoutly religious and conservative farmers since this is the part of Poland, which they’re the most ashamed of.

52,7% confirmed that the problem of antisemitism exists in Poland (defined as a prejudice against the Jews). 39,7% think its marginal, whereas 13% think it’s an important issue. 9,3% think that antisemitism does even not exist in Poland.

The majority of Poles do not show any sign of anti-Semitism however 45,2% agree, that Jews have too much influence on global affairs, 34,2% think the same in terms of Polish political affairs, 34,1% would apply it also to Polish economy. 26,8% of the polled, think that Jews have too much influence on Polish media.

The most disappointing result is 19,6% of polled who think that although the Holocaust was a horrid crime, Poland is better off without the Jews. 16,2% indicate the reason for Jews suffering as a punishment from God for crucifying Jesus.

The survey was conducted between the 7th and 10th of January 2010, on nationwide, random sample of 1001 inhabitants of Poland aged 15 or more.

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